I have many passions that can not appear in my other parts so I'm a dedicated a page.


I did freestyle skating during my high school years. I participated has régionnal competitions with fise castelnau le lez, nationnal with the fise exeprience tour in Canet en roussillon, and the Fise world Montpellier.

To my various computer science projects and studies I had to stop to focus on less risky activities.


I do many Youtube videos on different themes.

Video game

I started my video on Minecraft and still more generally on video games.
I have a Youtube channel with 800 followers and 250 000 views


I also realized short videos about place or event where I had the opportunity to go.


I am for several years a very large passionate of Japan and its culture.
I learned a lot in recent years on this country and I'm trying to learn the language by myself.
My passion led me to go more and more into the conventions on Japan and video games, both being strangely linked.
I came created a website to know all event that take place in France

I watch many report to continue to learn about the country but I also watch a lot of movie (Ghibli), Animé (けいおん!, 四月は君の嘘) in VOSTFR only if available because they allow me to see the country through the animation for example phrases or puns that can not be translated into French.