I have many computer projects I will make a small presentation here.


Melia or MeliaBot following the support to which it is located is an artificial intelligence of communication that answers questions.

Melia 0.1

The first version of Melia is coded in C ++. It is based on the database in principle with the questions and answers stored in files.

You can find the source code on GitHub: Melia V0.1

Melia 1.0

The second version of Melia is coded in C# and has the ability to connect to an IRC chat on Twitch an to the Discord serveur.
This allows me to encode on live and be able to interact with other users without requiring them to install my program.
The program source code is not currently downloadable because is still in development.


I had the opportunity to create a website for my pleasure

Convention Geek

My first website is: www.convention-geek.fr. I was looking for the conventions in France to be able to go there and I said: "it is unfortunate that there is no website that bring together all in the same place". I have therefore come during the summer 2014 and i create my first web site who have 150 visitors as day.

School projects

I had the opportunity during my special year in IUT of Montpellier to create many small program: Python, C and Java but not very thorough.
I can on request provide the sources of my programs to give you an idea of my skills.

Nim game

The biggest project that we have to achieve in special year was the creation of Nim game.
We have to develop a game in multiplayer and versus an Artificial Intelligence